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Behind the name “Heart to Heart”

We work our hearts out; that's why. We’re neither a dating site nor a heart foundation, but rather a group of passionate business professionals who dedicate their time and energy to clients, providing them with management and HR solutions. What comes from the heart goes to the heart that’s why we blend hard work with artwork to create heartwork. It’s all about heartwork here.
Our Core

Business heartelligence

We embrace business heartelligence. Heartelligence is the intelligence of the heart and how it communicates with the brain in ways that greatly affect how we perceive and react to the world around us. The business heartelligence we embrace is not only hearts that serve clients with passion and solidarity, but also hearts that make sense in business solutions.

Our story

Innovation, unique thought, and new business models are essential in the new world to which we are rapidly adjusting at work and where the future is leading us. And those demand that we tune into the untapped capacities of our heart and gut intelligence rather than relying exclusively on our logical, strategic intellect. We arrive at this conclusion based on the vast body of evidence strongly supporting the existence of an intelligent heart at work; and that’s where we come. Heart to Heart Consulting: Embracing Business Heartelligence
we provide

Our Solutions

  • Employee Assessment & Development Center
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Management & HR Consulting
  • International Certifications
  • Gamified Training & Workshops
  • Career Management
  • Business Executive Coaching
  • Personal & Organizational Branding
  • Capacity Building
  • Organizational Structuring
  • Talent Management & Acquisition
  • Competency Frameworks & CBTM
  • Organizational Culture Assessment & Transformation
  • Corporate Retreats & Team Building
  • Specialized Recruitment
  • Our Vision

    Heart to Heart Consulting aims to be perceived as the reference and center of excellence in strategic, human capital, and marketing management using the “Business Heartelligence” concept that stimulates hearts that make sense to serve our business partners passionately and wisely.
  • Our Mission

    Heart to Heart Consulting will embrace organizations and individuals into a future of enlightening consulting solutions by leveraging their potentials, building their competencies, orchestrating their brands, and transforming their culture. We pave the way for real-time, sustainable growth and corporate sovereignty.

Our Values

  • Intellectual Status
    To be regarded as the reference and center of excellence in the management & human capital field and to gain the respect of our stakeholders
  • Working on the Frontiers of Knowledge
    To be recognized by our stakeholders for our outstanding engagement in pursuit of practical, creative, and advanced knowledge that will enable them to grow rapidly, consistently, and uniquely
  • Precision Work
    To be distinguished by our stakeholders for our approach to dealing with tasks that require careful and accurate attention to detail and demonstrating a high degree of competence
  • Dedicated Passion
    To be admired by our stakeholders for our phenomenal heart work that significantly helps organizations and individuals to boost their potential and leverage their competencies
  • Honesty & Integrity
    To be appreciated by our stakeholders for sticking to an undisputed code of ethics and proficiency

Our Clients

in collaboration with


Talogy are the talent management experts that were once called PSI. They craft solutions that screen, select, develop, and engage talent worldwide. By uniting the leading psychologists, data scientists, software developers, and HR consultants they bring the power of psychology and technology together so employers can make the best data-driven people decisions. With more than 30 million assessments delivered each year in more than 50 languages, they help clients discover organizational brilliance. The Myers-Briggs Company is a global provider of people development solutions for individuals, organizations, and educational institutions. From our headquarters in northern California, offices in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore, and an international network of partners, we provide the tools and insights to enhance performance and help people lead more successful and fulfilling lives. Business School Netherlands has been active as an international business school since 1988 and continues to expand provision of Action Learning programs beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands, creating a global Action Learning community of business leaders, all following the same steps to success. The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) is a validated research method that is used to examine and diagnose organizational culture and the desired change. It measures both the current as well as the preferred culture in the organization. Professors Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron used an incredible amount of research in developing the OCAI. They developed the model of the Competing Values Framework through the OCAI which is currently used by over 10,000 companies worldwide. A non-profit professional organization of career practitioners who work with adults in job and career transition. Established in 1979, the Career Development Network trains and certifies career practitioners in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. The Network also publishes a bimonthly Newsletter and a quarterly Journal. CRT is the developer and publisher of four career assessment instruments that are used throughout the English-speaking world. Two of those instruments (Career Values Assessment and Motivated Skills Assessment) have been translated into Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, and German. (DMS) DIGITAL MEDIA SCIENCE, LLC. is a digital market research and social business intelligence company that empowers media agencies and brands to make smarter, data-driven decisions by providing actionable social media analytics. Depending mainly on social data and consumer engagement, DMS helps connect brands to their consumers’ digital voice. Human Resource Systems Group is one of Ottawa's leading and most respected consulting firms specializing in human resource management and organizational design and development. HRSG offers a full spectrum of consulting and research services including those related to selection and assessment, human resource planning, human resource audits, job analysis, career and training needs analysis, and performance management and appraisal and Succession Planning.
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Our Team

Dr. Mohamed Hesham Mansour

President & CEO I am sure it happened to you at a certain point when you were chasing a vibrant vision, adopting a holistic concept, following a clear path, and spousing compelling values but you couldn’t give a name to this vivid model. This is exactly what happened to us at Heart to Heart Consulting; our competitive advantage was always originating and continuously nurtured from our Heartwork where we were blending our hard work with our art work to create a genuine heart work for our clients. Fortunately, at last we found a name for that unique model; it is the “Heartelligence”. Let the sharpness of our minds illuminate your hearts and the sense of our hearts embrace your business. Proudly introducing Heart to Heart Consulting Team – “The Hearts That Make Sense” ~ Dr. Mohamed Hesham Mansour
  • Dr. Mona Elgayyar
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Ahmed El-Badawy
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Abdel Rahman Hesham
    Marketing & Innovation Manager
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdelnasser
    Client Relations Director
  • Mohamed Yashar
    ICT Director
  • Mohamed Diaa
    Assessment Center Manager
  • Zienab Shoieb
    Strategic Planning Manager
  • Radwa Hazem
    Research & Business Development Manager
  • Nihal Medhat
    Client Relations Manager
  • Heba Hesham
    Assessment Center Supervisor
  • Ahmed Ismail
    Administration & ICT Assistant
  • Salman Mohamed
    Business Translator
To create

Our Success Stories

  • “Heart to Heart had the winning proposal by far for the consulting project at Coca-Cola. We selected them for that their proposal was based on science and we value science at Coca-Cola; their approach was not based only on strong academic foundation, but also on practical business orientation. The final reason was that they are the type of consultancy that will challenge you to reach your maximum potential and that’s why 9,500 employees from Coca-Cola participated in the Culture Transformation Project by their own will."

    Engineer Salam El Hamamy
    Former CEO at Coca-Cola Bottling Company Egypt
  • “Heart to Heart Consulting team was usually working to understand the bigger picture we were trying to solve, providing a clear time frame plan for execution. What makes them unique is the way they take project recommendation to action. Their team was usually working as part of the Pfizer team as I felt most of the time they weren’t just consultants, but rather a business partner. This partnership model kept our project execution easier and more flexible.”

    Mohamed Adel Sweilam
    Country Manager at Viatris
  • “Heart to Heart was capable to support us in taking the right decisions based on their proficient assessments, which proved its accuracy on the long run. We always feel like dealing with an integrated assessment consultancy that has professional and credible people using the most updated tools and techniques.”

    Rami Scandar
    Country President at AstraZeneca Near East
  • “Heart To Heart” is very professional, well informed, and easy to work with. All their team members are very friendly, and the delivered reports are very thorough as well as all the training and development plans’ recommendations. The executive leadership was so impressed with their expertise and competence which allowed us to feel contented entrusting them. We highly recommend Heart to Heart as a strong assessment and consulting services provider. Overall, we were very pleased with the whole process and are looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

    Nadia El Gamal
    Human Resources Director at EBI
  • In the context of emphasizing the joint cooperation between El Sewedy Electric Corporation for Power Systems projects and Heart to Heart Company over the past few years in order to contribute to many consulting services, including competency assessments and evaluation of behavioral and functional performance of our employees, which in turn helped us in making decisions to raise the competencies of the workers as a whole, and looking more clearly for our distinguished workers, and designing effective training plans based on scientific and practical foundations that would raise the behavioral and technical competencies of the workers as well. It was really a good experience and a special journey with a partner trusted by our organization, and we are confidently able to recommend Heart to Heart to any organization to cooperate with them to achieve more successes.”

    Alaa Ahmed Nofal
    General Manager of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs at El Sewedy Electric for Power Systems Projects
  • “We thought that the investment and money being paid for the strategic planning project with Heart to Heart Consulting was a considerable investment at the beginning, but the value we are gaining is much more than what we have paid for”

    Abather Al-Juboori
    Chairman at AWI Iraq
  • “Taking the time to truly understand our business challenges and issues we sought to change is the noticeable uniqueness of Heart to Heart Consulting. Heart to Heart Consulting leadership participation in almost each step throughout the culture transformation process surely contributed to ensuring we stayed on track. Additionally corrective actions have been taken from time-to-time to ensure that we go back to the desired path.”

    AbdelAziz El Feki
    Former CFO at Coca-Cola Bottling Company Egypt
  • “With Heart to Heart, Lundbeck has a long and strong partnership as they always can fulfill our assessment criteria with second to none tools that can be customized according to our needs, professional team of assessors with vast experience, and concrete outcomes and reports that help us align HR strategy with the overall corporate strategy.“

    Ayman Fadel
    Training & Development Director at Lundbeck Middle East and Africa
  • “We have a successful journey with Heart to Heart’s assessment center as the tools, implementation, and reports created a success story and the results had no debates which proves that the results are valid and reliable. We dealt with more than one company specialized in employee assessment, but the most satisfactory results that really matched what’s on the ground were those obtained through Heart to Heart Consulting.”

    Mohamed Hassan
    Talent and Performance Management Manager at Elsewedy Group
  • “We just finished our strategic management workshop by Heart to Heart Consulting and it was fabulous. We all learned a tremendous amount and I would highly recommend Heart to Heart to anyone that is interested in building true strategic capacity in their company.”

    Evan Weiss
    President at AWI Iraq
  • “It is our pleasure to work with Heart to Heart for consulting and human development. They have supported our business in selecting and recruiting the best Managerial Level of employees in the labor market through working with a very professional team and an integrated HR consultancy company. We also wish them more success.”

    Bahaa Mohamed Taher
    Human Resources Manager at El Mostakbal Urban Development
  • "I have been working with Heart to Heart for around 10 years now where they provide us with external assessments, team building activities and HR certifications, and every step of the way they have been extremely professional, helpful, informative and supportive. They have helped us build a “best place to work” culture within my organization. Thank you for being our true business partners and looking forward for more projects and more success together!”

    Noha Zanoun
    HR Director at AstraZeneca Near East & Maghreb
  • “The culture transformation project with Heart to Heart was one of the most successful projects among our organization. We were able to transform the organization’s culture to digitalization and the implementation was realistic and we saw immediate impact in the level of engagement of the employees and how they got rid of several stressors. Through the dedication of Heart to Heart team, employee satisfaction increased by 15%”

    Mohamed Salama
    OD Superintendent at Elsewedy Electric for Power Systems Projects
  • “The strategic management workshop was very, very beneficial for us. I think we learned a lot from it. We learned how to think about the strategy from different aspects that build the company and the facilitators from Heart to Heart were very helpful for us. I think it will translate into real strategy and real productivity for our company.”

    Mohammed Neamah
    VP of Business Management at AWI Iraq