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Assessor & Center Manager Skills®

The Assessor Skills and Centre Manager course is designed for management and non-management staff, particularly HR professionals, who intend to assess candidates during Assessment or Development Centres and wish to become an Assessor. The course enables delegates to develop skills in managing the process of designing and implementing Assessment and Development Centres and qualifies users to purchase and responsibly use business simulation materials, such as role plays, group exercises, and case studies and learn highly specialised design techniques.

What will you Gain
  • Understand the key principles of Assessment and Development Centres
  • Understand the value that can be obtained by Assessment and Development Centres and the benefits for the organisation and individual.
  • To demonstrate the fundamentals of centre design to evoke maximum value as desired.
  • Recognise and understand the relevance of competencies and be able to explain how they manifest themselves in different Assessment Centre exercises
  • Demonstrate the ability to complete the Behavioural Assessment Process effectively for a variety of exercises
  • Prepare and present candidate data in accurate behavioral terms, supported by relevant examples
  • To effectively manage the centre data to maximise understanding and decisions made.

MBTI® Certification Program

MBTI is the world’s most popular personality assessment that measures different psychological preferences of people. Being an MBTI Certified Practitioner enables you to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to help others improve their self-awareness and make constructive use of personality differences. You will also learn how to use the MBTI framework with teams and organizations to boost performance and enhance their communication, decision-making, collaboration, and more.

What will you Gain
  • Explore the MBTI framework and learn how personality preferences affect our personal and professional relationships.
  • Deliver more effective employee development sessions with a greater understanding of your people, teams, and organization.
  • Enhance the onboarding process for new hires with insight into their personality preferences.
  • Help students discover how their personality preferences relate to choices for their education and future career paths.
  • Grow professionally with access to—and insight into—the world’s most widely used personality assessment, so that you can help others be their best.

California Psychological Inventory®

CPI260® is the world’s most utilized personality assessment for leadership development. Built on enduring and sophisticated psychological theories, the CPI260® assessment helps certified practitioners gain a clearer image of individuals’ personal and work-related characteristics, motivations, and thinking styles—as well as how they manage themselves and deal with others—and provide a view into their strengths and developmental opportunities.

What will you Gain
  • An understanding of the CPI260® assessment, including the design, scoring, and interpretation with a focus on the key applications of individual and leadership development.
  • The necessary information and experience you need to professionally and ethically administer the CPI260® and interpret results.
  • Eligibility to purchase the instruments.
  • Become better at applying the assessment results so that you can grow your client’s leadership abilities and inspire greatness throughout an entire organization.