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About Business School Netherlands

Business School Netherlands has been active as an international business school since 1988 and continues to expand provision of Action Learning programs beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands, creating a global Action Learning community of business leaders, all following the same steps to success.

As a University of Applied Sciences, Business School Netherlands develops campuses and locally-driven management programs outside the Netherlands at a rapid pace with astounding success.

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International MBA, Locally Supported

Heart to Heart Consulting is an official partner and provider of BSN’S MBA programs and other diplomas in Cairo Egypt.

Dr. Mohamed Hesham Mansour, CEO of Heart to Heart Consulting, is the dean of Business School Netherlands in Egypt

We offer the following exclusively for corporates only: 
  • International Action Learning MBA
  • Post graduate diplomas
  • Human Capital Diploma
  • Integrated Marketing Diploma
  • Leadership Diploma
  • MBA Express
  • Accredited Certificates
  • The Art of Coaching Trustfully
  • Assessor Certificate Excellence
  • Training Excellence Certificate

Action Learning Philosophy

Business School Netherlands applies the philosophy of Action Learning in its Action Learning MBA program and in all its learning programs. Action Learning is far more than “outcomes-based” education or “experiential learning”; it is also not only student-centered, but is a tool used for solving critical and complex problems which has also become a primary methodology utilized by organizations globally for developing leaders, building their teams, and thereby improving corporate capabilities and performance.