Our Business Units:

The Heart to Heart Dynasty

Heart to Heart Consulting: a source and fuel for organizational sovereignty in a market full of competition. From our hearts to yours, we institute your sovereignty by promising seven values throughout our business units: Validity, Agility, Visibility, Vitality, Authenticity, Clarity and Connectivity. These seven values are the core of our seven business units that we proudly present as “The Heart to Heart Dynasty”: A family of brands each offering separate business solutions, yet they all cater each others when needed.


Realistic Human Capital Diagnostic


Rejuvenating Organizations Health


A Delightful Learning Lane


Corporate Cohesive Mat


Evolving Business Leaders


A Career That Is Crystal Clear

The Brand Band

Orchestrating Brand Destiny


Realistic Human Capital Diagnostic

ASSENTIALL is an assessment center and human development engine committed to providing innovative, science-based, and high-impact talent management solutions that bring about real-time transformations in individual, team and organizational performance.

We Conduct virtual assessment centers remotely from any place on the planet turning human capital investments into profits, with the same credibility and validity.



Candidate Selection

Employee Promotion

Organizational Development

Succession Planning & Management


Training & Development Needs

Potential Identification

Talent Identification


Conceptual Framework

Our assessment practice is built upon the concept presented in the diagram, by connecting the dots between the candidate’s black box and white box, we are able to sketch a holistic view of the assessed candidate, including a manual of his/her predicted future capacity and recommendations for dealing with any emerging troubleshooting problems.



  • Systematic Analysis to Determine Job-Relevant Behavioral Constructs
  • Behavioral Classification
  • Multiple Assessment Center Components
  • Linkages between Behavioral Constructs and Assessment Center Components (Dimension-by-Exercise Matrix)
  • Job-Related Simulation Exercises
  • Multiple Assessors
  • Assessor Training & Certification
  • Recording and Scoring of Behaviors
  • Data Integration
  • Standardization – Equal Opportunity



Our assessment centers are customized based on level, function, and industry; this is reflected in our selection of tools, exercises, and competency frameworks for each client.


o Review the iob descriptions and competency profiles of targeted positions

o Establish a competency profile for targeted positions; the profile outlines the competencies and potential aspects required for the successful performance of the iob mapped against organizational benchmarks


o Design assessment center protocol

o Run the assessment center

o Generate assessment reports


o Correlate the various assessment reports to arrive at a conclusion about real development demands

o Design and develop Individual Development Plans



A collection of tools and assessments from Talogy PSI & the Myers Briggs Company are combined by us to ensure that the evidence we collect provides valid and reliable results, presented in a holistic and consolidated form.

Psychometric Tools

Aptitude Tests

360 Assessments

Resilience Questionnaires

Behavioral Competencies Exercises

Case Studies

Potential Identification

Situational Judgement Tests



After generating and combining assessment results with our patented data-analysis system, we ensure ROI as we deliver our final output to clients: a comprehensive report with our conclusive verdict. You will receive a summary with specific recommendations ready for your implementation, whether it be selection or development.

Potential & Competency Grid
Leadership Potential
Critical Judgement Competencies
Managerial Core Competencies
Emotional Intelligence Profile
LIVED 360 Profile

Vivid conclusive radars, charts, and graphs for a top-view perspective

Leadership Potential: Candidate Vs. Group

Consult 911:

Rejuvenating organizations health

A vibrant consulting hub built around swift and tactful interventions and composed of a unique blend of purposeful tools, CONSULT911 aims to develop transformational turnaround strategies by understanding and eradicating the root cause of organizational bleeding and pain.

We tailor business consulting solutions based on industry and specific organizational emergencies as immediate as a press of a button to promote an organization’s agility

Consult 911


Strategic Business Planning

Culture Assessment & Transformation

Talent Management & Talent Acquisition

Constructing Organizational Structures

Constructing Competency Frameworks

Constructing Performance Management Systems

Building High-Leverage Learning Systems

Building Strategic Reward Systems

HR Audit

Outsourcing HR Services

Digital Consumer Analysis

Capacity Building

Consult 911


START – Strategic Turnaround Revamping Tool – is a compass that provides organizations with specific coordinates that enable them to navigate turbulent external and internal environments, thus reaching their real potential’s land safely and successfully

 BOSS – Building Organizational Structure Swiftly – is an evidence-based engine that constructs organizational structures effectively and efficiently, customized around general industries’ determinants and adjusted according to the organization’s specific vision and strategy  

ARC – Architecting Resources Capacity – is a powerful factory that enables organizations to design, develop, equip, and launch their striking forces to engage in competitive rivalry and engrave their brands into the minds and hearts of their stakeholders

HC-EYE is a commanding interventional tool that enables organizations to monitor, examine, diagnose and treat their human capital deployment inefficiencies precisely and professionally

HC-Inside is a fully-integrated HR function that manages, administers, and executes all HR activities and acts as the HR department for an organization

Consult 911

Road Program

ROAD–Reengineering Organizational Agility Drive–is a multidisciplinary drive that combines START, BOSS, ARC, HC-EYE, and CAT to empower organizations to adopt a turnaround strategy that sharpens their directions, fortifies their structure, optimizes their resources and transforms their culture towards sustainable growth.


A Delightful Learning Lane

Entertrain is a strategic learning hub that shifts the learning experience from the traditional model of training events and activities to an era of creating, sharing, and applying knowledge. Through gamification and entertainment, you will realize a meaningful and measurable business impact while enjoying your time.

We incorporate VR/AR and other gamification methods to transfer knowledge while ensuring the training’s vitality

The Entertrain

ACT Approach

o Assessing participants’ training needs and learning styles

o Customizing learning programs to cultivate core competencies

o Transferring key learning takeaways to real work environments through gamification and entertainment


Training Categories

In-House Certifications

o TACT: The Art of Coaching Trustfully

o TEC: Training Excellence Certificate

o ACE: Assessors Certificate Excellence

Training Programs

o MAP: Managing and Accelerating Performance

o HOS: Heart of Selling 

o MBA: Managing Brand Architecture

o ROC: Resolving Organizational Conflict

o BELL: Breeding Effective and Lofty Leaders

Team Building

o BEAT was developed to create a radical transformation in the team-building industry–from aimless games to purposeful directional activities that aim at achieving a predefined goal or solving an inherent problem.  Watch Event!

o Executive Retreats are themed getaways for leadership teams customized for organization-specific problems to rejuvenate productivity and eliminate stress.  Watch Event!


Corporate Cohesive Mat

A robust organizational culture assessment and transformation engine based on evidence-based science that is geared towards crafting a concrete corporate culture identity that is embraced by employees and felt by all stakeholders.

We have proudly conducted the biggest organizational culture assessment & transformation project in the MENA region with 14,500 employees at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company


Big Ten Objectives

  1. Develop a picture of the current operating culture
  2. Validate the need for change
  3. Create a vision and set a direction for cultural change
  4. Plan individual and organizational development programs
  5. Develop support programs designed to enhance engagement
  6. Monitor the impact of cultural change efforts
  7. Identify and transfer the subcultures of high-performance units
  8. Facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances
  9. Integrate differentiated organizational units
  10. Guide global organizational development




the dimensions of the current organizational culture


the profile of the aspired organizational culture


the cultural shaping programs


organizational competency framework


all employees in a culture-changing movement


the cultural shaping programs & competency development plans


the implementation phase


Conceptual Framework

The Competing Values Framework

The Three Levels Model

The Four Conditions Model

The Core Competency Framework

Through the combination of those four scientifically researched models, we assess your current culture and take you to your preferred culture 


Evolving Business Leaders

Executive Coaching Orbit is based on decades of experience working with Senior Executives across the world and from different industries. The quality and impact of the coaching program stem from integrating scientific-based coaching models with the latest trends in leadership and organizational development. This combination of expertise, science and innovation allows us to create high-impact leadership development programs tailored to the organization’s specific leadership needs.

Our executive coaches hold more than 35+ years of business and leadership experience which would help embrace the executive being coached in an ambiance of utmost authenticity as a leader.


Concept: Action Learning

The cornerstone of the Executive Coaching Orbit is Action Learning, a widely used method for leadership and organizational development. All of our development interventions are designed around the concept of “Learning by Doing”: allowing participants to play an active role by launching their own projects that address their organizations’ unique challenges in order to guarantee organizational ROI.




o Kick-off Meeting: Executive and Coach meet to set the stage for the coaching experience by agreeing on the coaching process, outcomes and expectations.

o Data Collection: Detailed CV, 360 reports, and any previous assessment reports.

o Assessment protocol: We utilize a variety of psychometric and competency-based assessments that will help develop a complete profile of the Executive’s personality, thinking style, leadership potential and style, career values, career interests, and motivations.


o A confidential feedback report is prepared that synthesizes the data from the assessment tools. The coach interprets and discusses with the Executive the assessment result.

o Coach and Executive review feedback and prepare a customized Development Action Plan, identifying key areas of development.

o The executive is given assignments and readings.

o Launching a project inside the organization that is relevant both to the individual development needs of the Executive as well as the organization’s needs.


A Career That Is Crystal Clear

CMC is the first full-service career management center in the Middle East, founded with the objective of paving the way for individuals to achieve both satisfaction and success in their prospective career journeys.

With us, your career is not a straight ladder anymore, it’s rather a lattice with varied paths for growth and development vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.



  • CMC offers an integrated solution that includes career counseling, training & development, and job matching.
  • CMC’s approach and techniques are built on evidence-based science, extensive research, and sound experience.
  • CMC is the representative of several highly reputable. international organizations and research institutes specialized in career development.
  • CMC’s management has a proven track record in all aspects of career development.
  • CMC’s scope of services is widely extended to include school and university students, fresh university graduates, experienced employees, and senior executives.
  • CMC staff are all internationally Certified Career Coaches (CCC).



CMC Juniors

Designed for elementary, middle and high school students

CMC Stars

Designed for university students

CMC Novice

Designed for fresh university graduates

CMC Professionals

Designed for experienced employees

CMC Leaders

Designed for senior executives

The Brand Band:

Orchestrating Brand Destiny

Crafted as a one-stop-shop for individuals/organizations to gain access to the essentials of branding assets, The Brand Band works with you to help identify your target market, set yourself apart from your competitors, communicate your brand value and promise to your target audience, and align every visible aspect of your self/organization with your brand.

We compose your brand like a beautiful musical piece to elevate your market visibility

The Brand Band

Organizational Branding

Driven by our motto to orchestrate brand destiny, we have carefully tailored our business model to reach the ceiling of expectations. The Brand Band 360° is built over 6 pillars that will manifest organizations’ unique identities and leverage their brand.

Rhythm: Brand Strategy

Beat: 19 Brand Building Blocks

Melody: Visual Identity

Tempo: Communication Plan

Tonality: Digital Media Marketing

Harmony: PR Activations, Events, & Video Ads Production

The Brand Band

Personal Branding


Clients are introduced to the concept of personal branding in a workshop forum where they learn the fundamentals of creating their personal brand profile.


Clients work with a professional personal branding strategist to develop a comprehensive brand strategy and the 19 building blocks of their personal brand profile. 


Clients work with a professional creative director to develop brand image identity elements including logo, slogan, style, photo shooting, video bio, and all digital media vehicles.  


Clients work with professional PR and social media specialists who will handle the management of all their social media accounts. This service includes Public Speaking skills and Crisis Management.