Assentiall, Heart to Heart branded consulting service, provides you with innovative, science-based, and high-impact talent management solutions. Bringing about real-time transformations in individual, team, and organizational performance. To us, real-time transformations are not just about changes in behavior they are also about turning human capital investments into profits.

"Heart to Heart Consulting has always been a real business partner for AstraZeneca. We have relied on them in assessment centers for internal promotions and external hiring of middle managers and senior leaders. Having Heart to Heart Consulting's assessments and validation interviews as an integral part in our process has always provided credibility, objectivity, and above all has enabled us to make the right people decisions."

Heba Shabrawy

HR Director – AstraZenca
"we were trying to solve, providing a clear time frame plan for execution. What makes them unique is the way they take project recommendation to action. Their team was usually working as a part of the Pfizer team - I felt most of the time they weren't a consultant, but rather a business partner; this kept our partnership project easier and more flexible for execution."

Mohamed Sweilam

Director, AfME Payer Insight and Access Pfizer
"Taking the time to truly understand our business challenges and issues we sought to change is the noticeable uniqueness of Heart to Heart Consulting. Heart to Heart consulting leadership participation in almost each step throughout the culture transformation process surely contributed to ensuring we stayed on track. Additionally, corrective actions have been taken from time-to- time to ensure that go back to the desired path."

AbdelAziz El Feki

Chief Financial Officer – CFO Coca Cola