Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

Develop the leaders who will drive strategy execution

Assesntiall Leadership Development Program is based on decades of experience working with senior leaders across the world and the different industries.
The quality and impact of the program stems from integrating scientific based coaching models with the latest trends in leadership and organization development.
This combination of expertise, science and innovation allows us to create high impact leadership development programs tailored to the organization’s specific leadership needs and providing the most effective development solutions that equips its leaders with the tools they need to meet the challenges imposed by their roles.
We offer a distinctive mix of individualized attention, external perspective, self awareness and opportunities for immediate application and practice that will give senior executives the tools they need to lead strategically.
The cornerstone of our Leadership Development Program is Action Learning, a widely used method for developing leadership and organizational capabilities.
All of our development interventions are designed around the concept of “Learning by Doing” – by providing opportunities for application and having participants play an actual role through launching their own projects to address their organizations’ challenges we guarantee both Individual and Organization ROI.

Self Awareness
Through assessments the leaders get to learn more about their personality style, leadership style, their impact on others and how others see them.

Leaders engages in an extensive experiential learning phase encompassing various learning.
Coaching sessions are conducted throughout to measure progress in achieving the development goals and provide support in overcoming any emerging obstacles.

Behavioural Change
Through individual executive coaching sessions, the coach provides guided and objective feedback on the development progress, create a safe environment for self reflection and encourage productive behavior change.


  1. Coaching
    Focused on exploring and leveraging Executives' strengths in order to increase the commitment to development and achieving sustained peak performance.
  2. Guaranteed Organizational ROI
    Results from linking the development and learning track of the executive to the needs and goals of the  organization.
  3. Action-based Learning Techniques
    Incorporated into coaching program to ensure maximum learning benefit.

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