Development Centers

Development Centers

Explore and utilize your talent reservoir:

The trend in talent development has moved from the war of headhunting talent to the art of discovering, developing and retaining existing talent.
Leading organisations understand that people are the strongest determinant of competitive advantage and the most cost-effective way to drive performance.
We can help you tap into your talent reservoir and become the learning organisation that is capable of building a sustainable talent pool and implementing high-impact development programs.
Our development centres offer a variety of development solutions customized to suit the specific development needs and learning styles of each individual in order to guarantee real behavioural change for better performance.

With Assentiall Development tools, you will be able to:

  • Identify individual Development needs establish a development track that caters to the individual development needs of each employee using our assessment insights into areas of strength and improvement for each person.
  • Identify group development needs accurately identify your workforce areas of strengths and points of weakness.
  • Create self-awareness for individual development.


  1. Greatest Impact
    Focuses on creating a development plan that targets critical development needs.
  2. Rapid Performance Transformation
    By capitalizing on unexplored strengths and inherent talents, individuals will be more motivated and committed to perform better using their identified strengths.
  3. Real Behavioural Change
    Action based development solutions will increase the learning impact of development programs and speed up the process of acquiring new skills.

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