(TACT) Certification Program

The Art of Coaching Trustfully TACT

Coaching With An Impact

This workshop is designed to aid participants who are willing to help others to find their own way, achieve both success and satisfaction in their careers throughout different techniques of coaching by becoming a certified Career Development Coach and a Career Transitioning Coach from Career Research and Testing, INC-USA.

What You Will Gain?
By the end of course participant will be able to:
-explain the basic theories and principles of coaching and counseling.
-blooms effectively the career assessment tools.
-apply effectively the different job search and career exploration techniques.
-focus on both immediate job objectives and long-term career goals.
-different between coach, manger, instructor and mentor roles.
-guide individuals and organizations develop practical career path.
-design and implement career development programs.
-practice sound career coaching techniques.
-develop and manage career management resources.
-integrate the career management function into the human resource management system.

Who Should Attend?
For mangers who wants to unleash the potential insider their organizations through developing coaching management style. This includes (first-line managers, middle managers and HR professionals).

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