California Psychological Inventory ® CPI260 Certification

California Psychological Inventory ® CPI260 Certification

CPI260 is the world’s most utilized personality assessment for leadership development.
Built on enduring and sophisticated psychological theories, the CPI260 assessment helps certified practitioners gain a clearer image of individuals’ personal and work-related characteristics, motivations, and thinking styles—as well as how they manage themselves and deal with others—and provide a view into their strengths and developmental opportunities.

What You Will Gain?
• An understanding of the CPI260® assessment, including the design, scoring, and interpretation with a focus on the key applications of individual and leadership development.
• The necessary information and experience you need to professionally and ethically administer the CPI260® and interpret results.
• Eligibility to purchase the instruments.
• Become better at applying the assessment results so that you can grow your client’s leadership abilities and inspire greatness throughout an entire organization.

Who Should Attend?
• Consultants.
• Organizational Development Professionals.
• Managers.
• HR Professionals.
• Training and Development Professionals.
• Coaches.
• Counselors.

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