ACE Certification Program

What is ACE certificate?

It’s not about "test and tell" or "one size fits all" approach to assessments.
Assessment tools are very useful to model patterns and themes. Assessor Certificate Excellence – “ACE” Offers you a great opportunity to develop your core and advanced competencies to Design, Assess and Manage assessment centers.
It helps you deliver a real business benefit through assessment and development and Takes your business to a whole new spectrum in the following areas.

What will you learn?

  • Explain the key principles of Assessment & Development Centers.
  • Describe the components of a typical Competency and recognize appropriate positive and negative behavioral indicator.
  • Identify different types of Assessment/Development Centre Exercises and the competencies typically assessed by each.
  • Demonstrate their ability to complete the Behavioral Assessment Process (Observe, Record,Classify and Evaluate – or ORCE) effectively for a variety of Exercises.
  • Prepare and present their candidate data in accurate behavioral terms, supported by relevant examples for inclusion in a data integration discussion.
  • Write a candidate report outlining strengths and development needs against individual Competencies and Exercise Types.
  • Explain the basic theories and principles of coaching and counseling.
  • Use effectively the career assessment tools.
  • Use effectively the different job search and career exploration techniques.
  • Distinguish between coach, manager, instructor and mentor roles.
  • Help individuals and organizations develop practical career paths.
  • Design and implement career development programs.
  • Practice sound career coaching techniques.
  • Develop and manage career management resources.
  • Integrate the career management function into the Human Resource Management System.

Who should attend ACE?
Anyone who wishes to become an Assessor on an Assessment or Development Centre. This course is suitable for absolute beginners, those who have limited experience of assessing or those who just want to brush up on their skills and techniques.

What will you get?
Certificate of attendance.
Certificate of Career Development and coaching form career development network organization USA.
Certificate of Career transitioning and coaching form career development network organization USA.

ACE duration?

  1. Option One:
    Classes are conducted twice a week 3 hours per class.
    Total Number of Sessions :32 divided on 16 weeks
  2. Option Two:
    12 condensed training days.

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